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Easy Woodworking Projects for Beginner ultimate small shop reviews can be a great start to learning wood working from a beginner's point of view. Whether you are looking to learn how to make a birdhouse, fix your lawnmower, build bird houses or even a candle holder, there is something for everyone on the easy woodworking projects for beginner list. In addition to the project titles, there is a short list of materials needed and tools needed. You could also look into other resources available to learn more about the wood working crafts. Easy Woodworking Projects for Beginner is just what the doctor ordered. Birdhouses can be made without any fancy tools but require wood and good plans. The first step is to find a birdhouse design plan and get the necessary tools needed to complete the project. It is important to remember that the purpose of the project is to help the birds nest and not to make a hobby out of wood working. There is an abundance of free designs available online. A lot